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Home Equity Loan Company
No Equity Loans & Home Equity Lines of Credit for cash out, home repairs and consumer consolidation

We are an internet loan company that offers a wide variety of no equity home loan programs and mortgage options for borrowers seeking installment equity loans or revolving lines of credit. We lend to people with all ranges of credit scores. If you can document your income and you owe less on your mortgage than your house is worth…chances are we can get you qualified for cash out equity loan.


Special Consolidation Loans for First Time Homebuyers!
Low Rate Home Equity Loan Programs for All Range of Fico Scores!

Get advice from a preferred home equity lender today! We provide 1st and 2nd loan programs in most states. Please see our program pricing for: Jumbo loans, Conventional mortgages, FHA and VA purchase loans that still allow 100% financing. Refinance or buy a new home with little or zero down. Our home financing caters to people with excellent credit, as well as homeowners with very poor credit.

Take Advantage of the Lowest Home Equity Loan Rates in 30 Years!

No Equity Required! Apply for an Equity Loan with No application fees!

  • Get Money for Debt Consolidation
  • Funds for Home Improvements
  • Interest Only Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • Exclusive 1st Time Home Buyer Programs
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance
  • No Income Verification Programs
Home Equity Loans - A home equity loan can provide a financially sound agenda for bill consolidation, 2nd home construction, home improvement projects, or just getting cash in your hands. Home equity loans are usually amortized with a fixed rate that is calculated with simple interest for set term of 15-25 years. HELOC’s are like your credit cards that charge you compounded interest daily. You can pay up to3 times more on your credit cards than you would if you refinance them into your new home equity loan.
Debt Consolidation Loans - Start saving money instantly by consolidating all of your high monthly payment accounts into one easy low payment loan. Your monthly savings can be cut more than in half!! Get back in control of your debt. All of our bill consolidation loan programs are available whether you have equity or not!
Equity Loans to Finance Home Improvements - Home improvement loans are available for people looking to make some home improvements with a tax-deductible mortgage loan. This new equity loan makes this the ideal loan for homeowners that want to save money while financing modifications and improving your home's value.
  • 2nd home construction
  • Room additions
  • Landscaping
  • Swimming pool additions.
No Equity Home Loan - This home loan is similar to a standard home equity loan, however you do not need any equity to qualify. Some home equity lenders have mortgage products that allow you to go up to 90% LTV. (Loan To Value) So do not wait any longer! Now you can make home improvements and buy furniture or fixtures for your new home. The 203K loan is a rehabilitation loan that goes to 115% LTV and is insured by the U.S. government. The HARP refinance loan has no LTV restrictions under the latest HARP 2.0.
Refinance your current home loan - Looking to refinance or pay off the home equity loan that you did when you bought your home? Research Fixed and Variable Interest Rates with terms from 10, 15, 30 and 40 years. For government refinancing, please visit FHLR for FHA refinance mortgage solutions.
Are you tired of your payment going up every couple of months because the equity line rate is adjustable? Refinancing variable lines of credit move your debt to a fixed rate and set monthly payment.

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